Friday, January 29, 2016

I've Moved to England!

I haven't told you any of this yet...but I've moved to England to study abroad for a semester at Lancaster University! As of next Tuesday, it'll be a month since I've lived here!

I can't wait until you hear about all the amazing opportunities and experiences I've had in this teeny tiny month abroad so far (with 5 more to go!), and hopefully inspire you to travel if and while you can, and to realise that those first few days alone when everything seems a huge mistake are only your brain tricking you into freaking out!! But before Lancaster, there was London, and we should really start at the beginning, don't you think?

But, just so I'm not teasing you TOO much, I can let you know that this past month has seen a road trip through England, seeing snow in Glasgow, medieval walls in Chester, mustard-coloured bedsheets, balloon pranks, a whirlwind weekend in Amsterdam, castle tours, fairy lights, Rubik's cubes, games nights and washing machines. But first, there was London...

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