Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pairs of Products: Sukin

I’ve been lucky enough all my 19 years to have fairly clear skin, and that led me astray into thinking that because I had no spots or discolouration, I didn’t need to properly moisturise and clean my face. I was a slave to makeup remover wipes (which are incredibly drying and leave my skin feeling dull and hurt), and never moisturised other than a tinted moisturiser during the day.

2015, however, was my year to change up my skin care routine, and take responsibility for the skin I’m in.

And then I found Sukin – an Australian ‘natural skincare’ brand, which catered for my sensitive skin and was free from a range of nasties and bad practices that a lot of cosmetic brands are involved in (think: animal testing and harmful chemicals). The Sukin range boasts no EDTA, no parabens, no artificial colours, and above all is 100% vegan, 100% carbon neutral, and does not take part in animal testing.

For the moment I’ve stuck to their Cleansing Gel to remove my makeup and cleanse my face, and pair that with their Facial Moisturiser in order to restore my skin’s glow and take care of it. I love both products. I think that they do the job well, they’re better for the environment than any product I was using beforehand, and I haven’t experienced any reactions or bad results. Plus, the slender bottle is pretty cute too, and I found these products easily at Priceline.

Overall, would I recommend Sukin’s facial cleansing and moisturising range? Absolutely xx

Note that Sukin has not endorsed me for this post – I want to write about and recommend the products I’ve been loving recently, and think that they will help you too! Let me know what you lovely readers use as your cleanser - I'm always open to ideas! 

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  1. Great review, I might give it a try :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath