Sunday, September 6, 2015

Edmonds and Greer

When the weather begins to warm up, and two hellish weeks of assessments at uni die down, there's not better place to be on a Thursday morning than at brunch with an old friend...or at least, no place I'd rather be hehe.

So, I took to the suburbs last week for a much-needed catch-up with my friend, D, and she and I went to an old favourite, Edmonds and Greer.

The cafe/gift-shop (omg amazing candles there!) is usually chock full of people, but being early on a weekday we were guaranteed a seat inside as the chilly Winter air still clung about slightly.

The place is buzzing with energy, and yes, that is an antique table laden with homemade cakes and creams! As much as sweets tempt me, I know I need something a *little* healthier for the morning, and so I opted for the bircher muesli, while D went for French toast with mascarpone.

And, as much as I am a firm tea drinker, there's nothing better than the mason-jar-juices from E&D. I decided on a yogi-style Green Power juice, while my lovely friend went for the Karmarama. I was sooooooo very tempted to go for the 'Radical', which has possibly every ingredient I've ever heard of, including elderberry and blackberry extracts, but it sounded a little much for me.

No trip to Edmonds and Greer is complete without a nosy peep through the wonderful gift shop, with beautiful crafted soaps and candles, and of course, a muffin as you stomp through the door to the rest of your day xx

* not sponsored, just love the place!

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