Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spooky Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

Only 9 days until Halloween! My major week of assignments is this week, and I am super excited for the big Halloween party next weekend, so I'm trying out a few cupcake recipes (I want to do a jack-o-lantern one too!) for me to bring to the party.

So, to make these super duper scary graveyard cupcakes, you'll need to bake up some chocolate cupcakes - I've used chocolate in order to create the allusion of dirk, but if chocolate is not your preference then, please, follow your heart and bake whatever you choose!

Pick up some ready-made icing (I used vanilla, but in hindsight fudge would have been best) and then, with a rolling pin, smash up half a packet of chocolate biscuits.

Smear over some icing, then press a handful of the smashed biscuits onto the cupcakes! There! You've made some deliciously scrumming and realistic dirt.

Next, you'll need some ready-made fondant, which is easy to get from your local supermarket, and cut out a sort of small rectangle, before shaping one edge to look like a gravestone. It doesn't matter if it breaks or tears a little - in fact, that'll make it look even more decrepit and old.

To write some creepy verses on your gravestones (think: RIP, Look Out!, Dead...) dip a toothpick into some red food colouring and write to your heart's content, before pressing the fondant pieces on the icing on your cupcakes. It's a little difficult, I'll admit, to write with a toothpick, but I think the slanted and slightly shaky style suits the theme, don't you?

I brought these cupcakes to last year's festivities as well, and am thinking of adding some more treats in the next week, so keep your eyes peeled! Any suggestions? What do you make on Halloween? xx


  1. I love the post so much! Have a wonderful weekend:)