Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Tella Ball Shake

Bit late on the bandwagon but you'll forgive me when you taste how incredible these Tella Ball Shakes are from Woodcraft Espresso!

I first heard about these amazingly simple but genius creations from Buzzfeed, social media, even news sites were divulging the secret of the (previously) off-the-menu-in-the-know-only milkshakes. They. Are. Divine.

The little cafe is in an out of the way spot in Erskineville, and the service was incredibly welcoming. Granted, it was a rainy Thursday morning and there was no line (though there were more people than expected at 9am!), but we were introduced to the owner, who gave us the grand tour of the sweets cabinet as it was our first time there.

The shakes themselves were $10, and there were four different flavoured doughnuts and milkshakes. Considering the price of food these days, I found these an absolute bargain...especially when I can buy beloved tea for $4, I think a few more for an actual probably-won't-make-at-home drink is reasonable. I'm more than happy to pay for the faces my friend and I made as the drinks made their way to our table...

We were intending to try out some more savoury breakfast ideas too (hello, haloumi stack) but were so full we decided we'd just have to make an excuse to come back another time!

And, just when we thought we were done, the lovely wait staff popped two extra nutella balls free of charge for us as we were leaving! A truly memorable morning with wonderfully accommodating staff xx

Yep, they are THAT big!

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