Sunday, August 9, 2015

Baby's In Black

Something a little different today, and something I hope I will continue to post and get better outfit post!

Fashion and the way style has changed not only within me personally but overall global trends, really fascinates me. Especially when older 90s styles resurface, and completely new trends work alongside them.

In this post, a 90s halter top shape compliments the fairly recent 'crop top' trend, yet the lace overlay on the black skirt keeps the look classy and polished for a night out. My tip when pairing a crop top is to balance lengths - i.e. opt for short when you want something fun and vivacious, and longer bottoms when the occasion calls for sophistication and grace.

Topped (or should I say bottomed!) off with a pair of classic black pumps - mine are from Forever New - the look is complete! Voila xx

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