Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pairs of Products: Burt's Bees

If there is one thing I own beauty-wise that I never, ever go without, it's Burt's Bees Lip Balms. I adore them! Everything about them.

I currently have only tried two of the scents (flavours?) and found them both to be equally as moisturising, as lovely and soft on the lips, and as long-lasting as each other. Hey, once you're onto a good thing... hehe.

Let's start with the original: Beeswax Lip Balm.

The website offers that its feature ingredient is, obviously, beeswax. I love the idea of using natural products on my face and lips, as I truly believe that anything can be cured with a little TLC from nature. And the ingredients for this lip balm really blew me away in the 'natural' department, with nothing other than beeswax and a host of oils such as coconut, peppermint and rosemary.

Your lips are so supple after using the lip balm that you just know it's good for you! You can really feel the difference between this and other lip balms.

Now, while I love the original, I must say I'm especially partial to the Pink Grapefruit lip balm. This one I have absolutely raved about to my friends over and over again, until they actually have to say, "Jacquie - we've heard this already. Move on haha!" What can I say? The review speaks for itself!

The Burt's Bees website insists that there is vitamin C and E from pink grapefruit essential oils, and that these are the key cures to nasty dry lips.

The best part about the pink grapefruit flavour, though, is undeniably its scent. I cannot get enough of the fun, tropical, citrus scent that is like a wonderful hit of freshness every time you're near the balm. Let's hope the lips smell as good once it's on ;)

No doubt I love these products, and no, I haven't been sponsored by Burt's Bees. But if I'm going to go around to my friends over and over waxing lyrical about how great these products are for your lips, then be sure I'm going to come and tell you the same thing! Let me know if you've tried any other flavours, or other Burt's Bees products! xx