Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pairs of Products: Sportsgirl Lipsticks

For those of you not in Australia, Sportsgirl is a clothing store for teens and young adults much like Topshop or H&M. And they've brought out a beauty and accessories range, which is my favourite table in store, always.

The 'Pout About It!' Range boasts 26 lip colours (of which I've only tried 3), and are reasonably prices considering the quality.

On to the review! (not sponsored, by the way :P )

The first product I purchased is my so-well-used-it's-almost-finished matte nude lipstick, named All About You. Its quality diminishes, I've found, as time goes on, as it used to glide smoothly and feel quite moisturising, but now fails to get an even coat. That being said, I have almost finished the entire lipstick, so it was well-loved and did serve me well as a nude basic.

But the real winner, I've found, is the red lipstick, Bombshell. I. Freaking. Love. This. Colour.

It's not too bold, not too bright, but not so dark that it becomes middle-aged-woman, if you get what I'm saying.

My only criticism with Bombshell is that it does make your lips feel tight and dry, so be sure to always prep you lips with a balm beforehand. Even still, the texture needs work, but the colour payoff and pigment can't be faulted.

I'm definitely going to try more Sportsgirl lipsticks, even though they are hit and miss on certain aspects. Their colours are so gorgeous, though! I just wish they applied a little easier, and weren't as drying.

Has anyone else tried this lipstick range? Or have another drug-store favourite? Let me know! xx