Sunday, August 23, 2015

DIY Sushi

As we’ve been having unseasonably warm weather in Sydney (think 25 degrees Celcius yesterday, on a winter’s day!), I’ve been thinking more and more about preparing fresh and healthy foods that don’t feel like the beloved comfort foods of winter.

Kind of like a recipe Spring clean, if you know what I mean. Does anyone else do this?

But, I must admit, I absolutely adore my carbs – rice in particular – and sushi is so dear to me. When working in a shopping centre on my day’s off of uni, I grab a sushi roll. Every time. #noshame

Sushi is so easy to make, it’s a wonder we pay a good $3 for one roll in the shops!

Plus, you can put EXACTLY what you want in the roll – and, you know, pretend you’re a brilliant chef at one of those unbelievably pricey Japanese restaurants hehe.

Grab some nori sheets from your local supermarket, some fresh veggies chopped up thinly (I went plain and simple with carrot and cucumber here), as well as some sushi rice – but any rice will do – and some rice wine vinegar.

Cook the rice as per instructions. Sushi rice tends to be a little stickier than normal rice, hence holds better in the roll. Add some rice wine vinegar to it to add to the stickiness, and give it some authentic flavour.

Next, place a sheet of nori on either a bamboo board as I have, or just a normal workbench, shiny side down. Begin to spread your rice evenly over the nori sheet, making sure to leave a 1cm edge on one side. The rice, as I’ve mentioned, is sticky. You might need a couple of spoons/forks to do this, but practice makes perfect!

Then arrange your vegetables in a thin line, and dab a teeny bit of water along the exposed edge (remember the one you left earlier!) of the seaweed sheet, and begin to carefully roll the sushi up. If you have one of these bamboo boards, it is easier, but either way will transform these ingredients into the sushi rolls we all know and love.

Pop them on a plate with some soy sauce and wasabi, if you’re brave, and enjoy! I make these in bulk and keep some for lunch at uni over the week, they’re so amazing xx


  1. It looks so yummy...thanks for sharing!

    P.S Thanks a lot for your lovely comments on my post is now live :)

  2. Thank you! And yes they are so delicious! xx