Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tumblr-Inspired Notebook Cover

My winter holidays from uni are officially over this week. It’s funny because after a few weeks of rest, I really do feel like getting back into routine and my uni social life (hello, coffee breaks) and so the transition back to university isn’t too much of a struggle for me.

But, after a few weeks, I of course will start losing motivation and lacking the zest and zeal I have this first week.

I combat this with the only remedy I can think of to inspire massive doses of motivation every time I go to do some uni work – creativity!

I find incredible amounts of excitement and life in embracing something creative, and so choosing to use a part of my brain, not active during my particular university course, allows me to grow and develop as a rounded person with broad interests and abilities.

Did that get to deep? Maybe. But I mean it – it’s uplifting to get back to something you might’ve loved to do during childhood.

Back to the real root of this post though...a tumblr-inspired notebook cover!

I’m a tumblr addict (shameless plug here: and collecting a bunch of aesthetic photographs really calms my mind and reminds me of how beautiful and wonderful our world is.

So, to make this sort of a notebook cover page, scroll through tumblr (or any image website) and copy a bunch of pictures onto a word document. Arrange them in any form you like – I tend to go for the three-column design, then add a few pops of larger images or text to overlay atop the base of images you’ve created.

You could have a theme of a certain colour scheme, or else go for vibrant pictures, or monochrome, or even a retro/vintage feel. Whatever pictures will inspire your mind and keep you wondering and motivated about the earth we live on.

For this semester’s notebook, I chose a mix of text, quotes and any pictures that seemed to jump out at me on the day. Last semester, I made a full black and white cover with a few tumblr images and then also my own photographs made grayscale, as well as a couple of drawings my talented friend drew for me back in high school.

Once you’ve cut out your pictures, arrange them on the cover before pasting them down! Make sure they’re where you want them – remember, this is the stage to be mucking up usual patterns and experimenting to see what catches your eye.

Finally, glue on your images, as well as sequins, tulle and other pretty bits and bobs if you like! I recommend using a clear plastic contact sheet to make sure over the course of the semester the images don’t have their corners turned up or ripped off.

Make something beautiful, and make something that in turn makes you happy and inspired xx

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